Development of new chemical reagents and technologies for the fuel and energy complex,
taking into account high environmental requirements, with the use of nanotechnologies 
aimed at reducing the consumption of a chemical reagent and increasing their efficiency.
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Implementation of flocculants for the intensification of water purification processes, compaction and dewatering of sediments

Also, LLC STE "Ecoil" is engaged in the sale of flocculants of Russian and imported manufacturers for the treatment of wastewater and dewatering of sewage sludge of enterprises of mechanical engineering, metallurgy, mining, mining, pulp and paper, including the production of cardboard and paper, oil, chemical industry and utilities.



Chemical composition:


High-molecular electrolyte of cationic, anionic or non-inogenic activity based on acrylamide and cationic or anionic comonomer.


Flocculants for all applications involving solid-liquid phase separation. (Cleaning, clarification, thickening, dewatering).